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Elaine Jeacocks - Costume Stylist

Based in Cape Town, South Africa. I specialise in styling for fashion and lifestyle commercials. 

Based in beautiful Cape Town,

Graduated 2002, cum laude, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.

Elaine taught art at tertiary level for over 10 years before being seduced by the energy and creative range of the film industry. 

She is known for her keen aesthetic eye and instinctive sense of style 

Clients include:

Directors I've worked with:

- Anders Hallberg
- Martin Werner
- Alex Feil
- Bart Timmer
- Matthijs van Heijningen
- Hylton Tannenbaum
- Mona el Mansouri
- Bram van Alphen
- Grey Gray

- Keith Rose
- Linus Ewers
- Anders Skog
- Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
- Thomas Krygier
- Frederic Planchon
- Job van As
- The McCoubrey Brothers

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