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Elaine Jeacocks - Costume Stylist

Based in Cape Town, South Africa. I specialise in styling for fashion and lifestyle commercials. 

Elaine is primarily a costume stylist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a keen aesthetic eye and love of colour palettes. Her portfolio consists of a range of commercials, music videos and TV series. 

Always open to new creative projects, big and small! Elaine has worked with many different brands and directors from around the world.

She is passionate about every outfit she creates to form the best composition for fashion and lifestyle. A considered colour palette and well styled choices can elevate the tone of even the simplest commercial. 

Clients include:

Directors I've worked with:

- Anders Hallberg
- Martin Werner
- Alex Feil
- Bart Timmer
- Matthijs van Heijningen
- Hylton Tannenbaum
- Mona el Mansouri
- Bram van Alphen

- Keith Rose
- Linus Ewers
- Anders Skog
- Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
- Thomas Krygier
- Frederic Planchon
- Job van As
- The McCoubrey Brothers

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